NC Moving and Storage Solutions: Moving you in style


 A Leader Among Hayward Moving Companies

When it comes to aspects of moving and storage, NC Moving and Storage Solutions is dedicated to offering a personalized plan which meets the needs of its customers. Unlike other moving companies, we recognize that each client’s move is different, and therefore, we strive to offer a wide range of resources to ensure a personalized moving experienced.

If your plan is to save money, we have a team of trained consultants who give pointers on how best you can achieve that. NC Moving and Storage Solutions offers a range of packing options from partial to full packing to DIY packing. As experts in the field, we move all your valuables with the greatest care so as to avoid breakages. Our team of highly-trained professionals always ensure that our customers experience stress-free moves.

Packing Options

  • Fragile Packing – For items which are breakable, irreplaceable, or delicate, it’s important that you let us know. That way, we’ll be in a position to pack them with care. At NC Moving and Storage Solutions, we treat our clients’ products as if they are our own.
  • Full-Service Packing – Using our latest packing methods, our professionals will pack your entire home in detail.
  • DIY Packing – If you want to pack your valuable yourself, NC Moving and Storage Solutions will supply all the packaging materials and boxes to help make your move easy and convenient.

Basic Moving Services

  • Loading – Before hiring any moving companies, make sure you find movers that can take an inventory of your items, pack the items, and label them for moving. For furniture, NC Moving and Storage Solutions uses durable materials to guard your commodities against any potential damage. Once prepped, the contents are loaded onto the moving trucks systematically before they’re shipped to their desired location.
  • Transportation – Unlike other moving companies, we at NC Moving and Storage Solutions understand that the safety of our customers’ products is a priority. Our drivers are highly trained, licensed, and committed to ensuring your commodities are transported in a safe and professional manner.

Unloading – Once the items are delivered, our experts will take inventory when unloading to ensure all your goods are accounted