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Pet Relocation Services in Hayward, CA and Surrounding Areas

Trusted Pet Relocation Services From Our Movers in Hayward, CA, and the Surrounding Areas


NCMSS wants to make sure that your move is safe and easy, especially if you have pets.We suggest Pet-Express Animal Transport because they are the best at moving pets and will help you and your pets have a safe and easy trip.

Since 1978, Pet-Express has helped thousands of families save time and have “peace of mind” by moving their “furry” family members safely to their new homes anywhere in the United States or around the world.

Taking care of pet moving services without professional help can be hard and inconvenient. Having your pets at home while your furniture is being picked up and delivered can be stressful and risky. Pets can get scared of new sounds, people, and changes, and they may run away through open doors or gates. This could put them in danger on busy roads or cause them to get lost. While heavy furniture is being moved, pets should also be kept away from it.


A long road-trip with pets in your car may lose its appeal with your pets confined to your car when not permitted into restaurants, state & national parks or tourist attractions. Pet-friendly accommodation may be hard to find, and “potty-breaks” on major roads and highways can be dangerous.

Whether you take your pet to Hawaii or overseas, you have to follow a lot of complicated rules about medical care and travel. If you don’t, your pet could be stuck in quarantine or have other problems.Our experienced Pet Relocation Specialists can help you move your pets in a way that reduces or eliminates the need for quarantine, reduces your work load, and helps you and your pets relax during your big move. Your pets will be grateful.

Pet-Express offers free move studies to help you figure out how restrictions, time limits, and your budget might affect the move of your pet.

We can customize pet relocation services tailored to your needs, with options including;

  • Professional assistance and project management of your pet’s move
  • Free Residence Protection of Doorways, Floors and Banisters
  • Advice on current regulations and requirements
  • Pickup from your home, from your boarding kennel or from friends & relatives
  • Loving care at one of our many professional Boarding facilities
  • Pre-travel health checks, treatments and health certificates
  • Health & travel document “compliance reviews”
  • Transport to/from airports
  • Airline approved travel crates
  • Airline transport on “pet-friendly” airlines
  • “Comfort-stops” if direct-flights are unavailable
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to your new home

Pet-owners moving for employment should ask their employer about pet relocation services and assistance.

“Peace of Mind” Pet Protection Plan

At Pet-Express, we’re proud of our great safety record and great pet moving services. We also offer a “Peace of Mind” Pet Protection Plan to customers of NC Moving and Storage Solutions, an agent for North American Van Lines. There is no extra charge for the following services.

In the rare case that a dog or cat has an unplanned medical emergency or accident while being transported, Pet Express promises to pay for some of the costs. This could be because the pet got sick, died, got lost, or was stolen. Coverage starts as soon as Pet Express takes care of your pets and lasts until the Customer picks up the pet(s) at the location.

Inclusions offered;

Veterinary Fees up to USD $2,500 per dog or cat

Includes emergency veterinary treatments for injury or illness incurred during transit

Transit care up to USD $2,500 per dog or cat

Should a dog or cat require additional kenneling or quarantine due to illness or injury incurred during transit, Pet Express will pay these costs up to USD $2,500 per animal. Excludes pre-existing medical conditions or effects of any prescribed or over the counter medication.

Replacement Value up to USD $2,500 per dog or cat, or USD $5,000 for pets with proven commercial value

Covers replacement cost due to death by accident, illness or injury sustained during transit. Also includes replacement costs for pets lost or stolen. Commercial replacement value must be declared and proven before travel. Does not include “sentimental value”.


  • Coverage is for dogs and cats only.
  • Due to the inherent risk associated with the respiratory systems of Brachycephalic “snub-nose” breeds including but not limited to Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, and other breeds, Brachycephalic breeds are not covered for illness or death under this program, however, they are covered for loss, escape or theft, or any other proven negligence. A complete list of Brachycephalic Breeds is available on application.
  • Excludes pre-existing medical conditions or side-effects from sedatives or medication
  • Excludes illness or death arising due to failure of Disclosure by Customer, including but not limited to allergies, medical condition, temperament issues, or other known condition.
  • Maximum total payment per shipment under this program regardless of the number of animals in shipment is $10,000 USD.
  • Pet owners with high-value pets may obtain additional coverage at additional cost, on application

All terms and conditions are available on application.

For more information about these pet relocation services, please contact us today.

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