Moving Yourself Versus Hiring Professional Movers


When it comes to moving, you have two options.You can move everything yourself or hire a professional moving company. Your budget is the biggest determining factor. However, you also need to consider the complexity of the move, how much help you would have with a self-move, the distance of the move, whether stairs are involved, and so on.

Before making your decision, look at the pros and cons of a self-move versus hiring professional movers. One nice thing about self-moving is that you remain in control, or at least to some degree. You get to choose the moving truck company and the type of truck. You also control how things get packed, the loading of boxes onto the truck, and who you get to help.

If you have a strict budget or are moving less than 100 miles away, a self-move might make sense. However, for moves farther away, hiring professional movers is probably the better choice. Remember, by the time you pay for the moving truck or gas for friends using their personal vehicles, there would be little difference in cost.

Packing is something else to consider. With self-moving, you are responsible for getting all of the necessary boxes, packing material, and tape. You also get to choose what goes inside of each box, while taking things like artwork, clothes on hangers, and blankets and pillows among other things in vehicles or placing them in the back of the rented moving truck. However, that does not mean that you are packing the right way.

In comparison, professional movers provide an add-on service whereby a trained and dedicated team handles the packing on your behalf. The great thing about having a crew do the packing is that they are experts and know how to do this part of the job correctly.

Also, people who you get to help will be respo for lifting boxes, furniture, appliances, and other heavy objects. With moving companies, the crew has extensive experience in lifting. Not only do they know how to lift items to avoid injury, but they also understand the right way to stack things inside of the moving truck to prevent damage.

One of the most challenging aspects of a self-move is planning. When you think about it, there is a lot of logistics involved. Even with the best planning, it is easy to overlook important things. With professional movers, nothing gets missed. Throughout the entire move, experts follow a well-laid out plan to ensure your goods arrive unscathed and on time. Overall, hiring a moving company is the better option.