Storage Solutions for Your Fitness Equipment


Whether deployed, moving to a smaller home, or needing a place to put your fitness equipment in storage while having your current place renovated, you need to consider several factors. With the right storage solutions, you can rent a smaller unit than imagined and ensure that your equipment stays safe and clean until needed.


If not stored properly, fitness equipment can experience damage. For treadmills, elliptical machines, weights, and other related items, consider the following suggestions.


  • When looking at different storage solutions, make sure the facility has clean units as well as proper security. Depending on the volume of equipment that you have, there could easily be thousands of dollars of goods.


  • If you are placing a weight collection in a storage unit, keep the weights on the rack opposed to putting them on the floor. Not only will that help keep your collection organized, but it will also prevent possible damage. Also, lay a canvas cover on top, preventing dirt and debris from settling in the small cracks of your equipment. The same goes for any electrical equipment since dust could create a problem with various mechanisms.


  • Make sure that you rent the right size unit. Although reputable facilities offer numerous storage facilities, if you plan to access the equipment at any time, you need a unit that gives you enough space to get in and out without anything toppling over. For instance, if you think a 10×20-foot unit would fit all of your equipment, consider about going up a size to a 10×30-foot unit.


As mentioned, finding a facility with storage solutions with optimal security is essential. For the best protection, choose a facility that has key card or keypad entry. You should also make sure that you can put your preferred type of lock on the unit rather than just a conventional lock that could easily be picked or broken open. A surveillance system is something else to look for when choosing a facility. That way, you know a camera is watching your unit 24 hours a day. In fact, many of the best storage facilities have around-the-clock onsite personnel.


The bottom line is that when researching different storage solutions, you should choose the one that you feel most confident about regarding storing your fitness equipment. Ultimately, you want to select a company with a good reputation, proper security, a host of different units, and excellent customer service and support.