What You Need to Know about Reviews of Moving and Storage Companies


You know that reviews are essential when choosing among the many moving and storage companies, but you may not realize there is an actual way to use them to your benefit. The fact is that finding a reputable company that provides services for both moving and storage is difficult. Considering that you will entrust all of your belongings to complete strangers, you want to feel confident with your decision.


The best way to separate good companies from bad is by finding and using reviews. With the following tips, you will get the information that you need to make a well-informed decision as to which moving and storage companies deserve your business.


  • Rely on Reputable Review Sites – To start with, get information from reliable resources, including the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Both of these companies follow strict policies to prevent fraudulent reviews, which means the information is accurate. You also have the opportunity to see the types of complaints filed and determine if they remain open or got resolved amicably. Other excellent online resources include Google+, Facebook, and Yelp.


  • Realtor Recommendations – Realtors across the country provide their clients with recommendations on the best moving and storage companies. Therefore, talk to your agent, asking for names of trusted companies. If your realtor is unaware of any movers in the city where you are heading, that person can provide you with the name and contact number for another realtor who can help.


  • Overly Positive Reviews – When researching different moving and storage companies, the goal is to identify two or three that have a lot of positive reviews. However, if you notice a significant number of positive reviews, especially compared to what companies receive, you should be suspicious. Sometimes, questionable movers hire people to say anything positive as a way of getting more business, even though the reviews are bogus.


  • Excessively Wordy Reviews – Also be wary of reviews with an abundance of words. When writing reviews online, most people have little time, so they will get their point across in as few words as possible. If someone spends a great deal of time writing a lengthy review, consider that a red flag.


  • Similar Tone – Pay attention to the tone of reviews. If you find multiple reviews that sound strikingly similar, there is a good chance that the same person wrote them.