Showing Appreciation to Your Oakland Movers


Although Oakland movers provide a service just like many other businesses, they often do not get the same level of customer appreciation. For instance, when having dinner at a restaurant, customers say please and thank you, and they tip their server. For the mail carrier who delivers mail and packages throughout the year, rain or shine, many customers show appreciation by giving that person a card or perhaps a tin of cookies and candy. Professional movers work incredibly hard and therefore, deserve recognition as well.


Not only do Oakland movers do a tremendous amount of heavy lifting, some pack and unpack, disassemble and reassemble furniture, deal with multiple stairs, tight corners, and narrow streets, and more, regardless of the outside temperature or weather condition. For your upcoming move, you have the perfect opportunity to show the moving team that you appreciate their service.


  • Snacks and Drinks – A simple, yet an impacting way of showing Oakland movers that you appreciate them is by setting out a plate of snacks along with bottles of water, juice, or soda. Not only is this a kind gesture on your part, but also an excellent way to keep the moving team fueled and hydrated, helping them work quickly and efficiently.


  • Tip the Movers – While tipping Oakland movers is standard, there are plenty of people who fail to do this or do not tip accurately. As a service-related business, tipping is a way to show gratitude for a job well done. Considered the norm is $15 per person for a half-day and around $30 for a full day. However, if your Oakland movers provide exemplary service and go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction, you can always tip more.


  • Give a Positive Review – From the moving company’s perspective, there are two reasons for providing excellent service. First, they want to satisfy customers and two, they want to grow the business. To show your appreciation, take time to post a positive review on various sites, complementing the team’s level of service and the company as a whole. You can also call the headquarters to provide positive feedback on your moving experience.