Local Moving Companies: Differences Between Residential and Commercial Services


Some people, especially those who have never moved, believe there are no differences between what local moving companies offer residential versus commercial customers. The fact is, there are differences.

Residential movers focus on renters and homeowners, regardless if they currently live or plan to move to a single-family structure, apartment, townhome, or duplex. In comparison, commercial moving services focus on relocating businesses. While both involve getting possessions moved from point A to point B, the logistical factors are unique for commercial moves.

For both types of customers, reputable local moving companies rely on the appropriate fleet, equipment, and moving crews. However, not only do movers that relocate businesses require more sophisticated trucks and equipment, they also need teams with specialized training, experience, and expertise. After all, commercial movers are responsible for handling high-dollar equipment and machinery, and getting the job done quickly and efficiently to prevent production downtime for the customer.

Overall, commercial moves require more planning. The best local movers will designate a point of contact who assists with getting business employees informed and organized, laying out a new floorplan, coordinating efforts between the customer and the new property manager, installing furniture, and a host of other things. In other words, commercial movers do a lot more compared to those that offer residential moving services, although they too provide tremendous value.

When researching local moving companies to relocate a business, always choose one with a team of employees, as opposed to seasonal or temporary help. That way, you have the assurance that the moving crew has superior training and a much higher level of dedication to the job. Especially when you need an IT department relocated, the team must have specialized skills in disconnecting and reconnecting sensitive equipment quickly without ever compromising the quality of service.

When required, local movers can arrange for temporary or long-term storage, often at their facilities. Along with a clean property, the best movers offer units of varying sizes and types, secure fencing around the perimeter, 24-hour surveillance, secured entry, and even on-site personnel.

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