Hiring Long Distance Movers: 3 Crucial Factors to Consider


Long distance moves are often stressful, and if not done the right way, you may find yourself frustrated with the entire process. To make sure your process runs smoothly, it is imperative to plan. Reach out to all the long distance movers in your area approximately three months before the day you plan to move. Planning will ensure you cover the crucial aspects which can make long-distance moves successful:


Get Moving Estimates

An in-house moving estimate is essential because it allows the professionals to provide an accurate estimate for the moving process. The long distance movers will do a survey of the items so they can offer an accurate price for the move. If the company is not willing to conduct an in-home survey, then you need to consider other options available to you. Make sure you ascertain that you are dealing with a professional moving company and not a broker. Brokers are just middle men who book your business and contract it to movers in your area. Dealing with third parties will only create problems for you since you will not know who to hold accountable in case your items get destroyed.



When it comes to long-distance moving, the cost of your commodities will depend on the number and the weight of your items. Take the time to go through your commodities so you can ascertain what to take with you and what leave behind. Consider a garage sale before moving or donate all unnecessary items. Although getting rid of some of your items can be a difficult thing to do, it is important to think carefully about the commodities you will require and the ones you will not need.


Know Your Rights

All long-distance moves are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. According to their booklet of Rights and Responsibilities, long distance movers, as well as their customers, have rights and responsibilities that they need to exercise. When it comes to long distance moving, you need to consider aspects that have to do with valuation. Long distance movers are required to compensate for damaged or lost items during transportation. However, the amount the companies can compensate varies considerably.  The released valuation protection incorporated in every move holds the long distance movers liable for $0.60 per pound of each item. Therefore, if a 20lb item is lost or damaged, the company will offer a compensation of $12.


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