Great Uses For Storage Units


People rent storage units for a multitude of reasons. While some of these are obvious, others are more unexpected. The following instances are times when the services of a reputable storage facility can be greatly beneficial:

  • Moving – When moving, storage is often a lifesaver. You could use the facility temporarily while figuring out what items you want in your new home versus those you prefer to sell or donate. Be minimizing the clutter as you get unpacked in a new home, you will find that the stress of moving is greatly reduced.
  • Renovation – If your home is currently under renovation, you need a clean and secure place to store your belongings to protect them from damage and dust. In this case, you can rent one or more storage units until the work has been completed. This is especially helpful in saving space which may be needed for building supplies and tools. Afterwards, you can move everything back to enjoy all the updates.
  • Inventory – Many business owners need a place where they can keep extra inventory. With no room at home or the workplace, they turn to a trusted storage company. Depending on the type of merchandise, they can rent a standard unit or one with climate control. This extended inventory space allows them to meet the demands of their customers on a shorter timeline. A local storage unit is close by and accessible, making product available to sell much more quickly than placing special orders. This helps to keep costs down, by reducing multiple supplier shipping fees, improving overall profitability.
  • Construction – Even smaller construction companies rely on storage facilities. For equipment, tools, and materials, this is the perfect solution. Not only do they have quick and easy access to what they need for jobs but also a more secure place than the job site to keep everything. As an added bonus, storage space allows for purchasing common supplies, like drywall, nails, and primer in bulk, often at a cheaper price.
  • Retirement – When retiring, storage units come to the rescue. If you plan to downsize, you can store items that you want to keep, but don’t use regularly. Items such as clothing, collectibles, antique furniture and kitchen wares have a safe place to reside in storage until you are ready to use them again or pass them down to other members of the family.
  • Divorce – While no one wants to get divorced, this is a part of life for many couples. Often one or both parties moves from a shared home to a smaller rental property to save money, which results in much less living space. If you plan to eventually purchase a home again you may need a temporary solution in the form of storage units to keep some of your possessions until they are needed again.
  • Seasonal Storage – Why stuff seasonal items in a dusty attic, leaving your property susceptible to pests and fluctuating temperatures? For seasonal clothing, coats, boots and even Christmas decorations, a reputable storage space can really help declutter your home when these items are not in use. This is especially true for large and cumbersome winter sports gear including snowboards, skis, sleds, and toboggans. The same goes for summer items. If you do not have adequate space in your garage, you can store your lawnmower, garden hoses, bikes, and pool gear in a reputable storage space.
  • Declutter – Even if you want to declutter your house but not throw anything away, storage is ideal. If you have sentimental items handed down from parents or grandparents, you can store them temporarily. For instance, if your parents gave you their furniture but you have not yet decided to keep, donate, sell, or give it to another family member, you can place the pieces in storage units while you decide.

As you can see, the services of a reliable storage company can really make the difference during all parts of the year and even all stages of life. More available space in your home or business presents many advantages such as reduced stress, more space for entertaining, and less time spent cleaning the house or office. If you would like to know more about flexible storage units, contact NC Moving and Storage Solutions today to find out how we can help.