How to Choose Reliable San Francisco Movers


No borrowing your friend’s truck this time, you’ve made the smart decision to hire professional movers for your California relocation. After making an appointment, you arrange your items, pack your belongings, and tape up your last box. The movers arrive, but some hours late in an unbranded truck. The final cost ends up being significantly more than what was originally quoted. Was this what you had expected? What could you have done differently when researching a moving company to achieve better results?

When it comes to hiring the right San Francisco movers, don’t put your belongings or money at risk. Consider the following pointers so you can be sure you are making the right choice.

Find Recommendations. One of the most significant information sources is word of mouth. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors who have been in similar circumstances about their moving experiences and what companies they have worked with in the past. Real estate agents in the area are a perfect place to start since they often work with moving companies, particularly for home staging purposes. Seek out local realtors that may have connections to San Francisco movers.

Online Sources. After you generate a short list of recommended companies, the next step is to conduct some investigation. Use online search engines to learn about each firms’ reputation as well as their certifications. Check for their membership in associations such as the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association. Also, make sure you check the consumer-advocacy sites for San Francisco movers that have been blacklisted due to their poor reputation.

Check the Professional Movers Yourself. Unfortunately, some moving companies are not what they claim to be. Make sure you take a trip to their facility or office and ascertain if they have the right tools and equipment. This should include multiple trucks with the company logo and visible signage on their building or office. Interview a customer service representative of a few San Francisco movers and request information on the company history, moving aids used during transport, and types of moving services offered.

Get an In-home Estimate. Make sure the professional movers you intend to work with can offer an in-home estimate. When they arrive to deliver the estimate, ensure you show them absolutely everything you would like to move so you can get the most accurate quote. Do not forget about the basement, closets, backyard, and the attic. Apart from that, it is crucial to provide details about any conditions at your new apartment which could complicate the move like the elevators or stairs. This will help avoid unexpected additional costs at the end of the move.

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