Tips From Corporate Relocation Companies for a Successful Office Move


Just because an office move is more challenging than moving from one home to another does not mean that you need to struggle through each phase of the process. In fact, by hiring a reputable moving company, you will benefit from the experience that only professional corporate relocation companies can offer.

To avoid potential complications, consider the following tips on how to have a successful office move:

Create a Plan and Embrace It – With an office move, the goal is always to start planning at least six months out. Now, if you have a large corporation, you will need even more time, anywhere from one to two years. You need a master plan that outlines all the required tasks, specifies the people in charge, identifies who oversees specific tasks, and sets deadlines for the completion of those responsibilities.

Put the Right People in Charge – Even for a small office move, there is no way to get everything done yourself. You will need to choose one person to be in charge. That individual will work as the liaison between upper management and subordinates, disseminate information as needed, follow up on tasks and schedules, put out fires, and keep everyone excited and motivated. Most corporate relocation companies will tell you that it is much easier to stay organized if they have one single point of contact to communicate with.

Designating a Team – You need a team of dedicated workers to work under the person you put in charge. These individuals will make lists of all moving tasks on a department-by-department basis, put actions into the right sequence, assign extra responsibilities as needed, and set target dates to accomplish tasks. For this team, you want employees who are well-organized, good communicators, and those with excellent knowledge of workflow and department responsibilities.

Set a Timeline and Budget – Using the lease on the current building along with other legal documents, you can build a timeline for the move. With a moving date set, you then need to hire a reputable company among the many available corporate relocation companies. As for the budget, this will depend a lot on the size of your office. When you do business with the right moving company, you will get all the support you need at an affordable price.

Start Planning the New Space – Now that you have other people handling various tasks, you need to start planning the space at the new location. Create drawings of the space to plan out furniture arrangement and set up supply storage. This advanced planning will make moving day far less daunting.

As one of the top corporate relocation companies in the country, NC Moving and Storage Solutions has the knowledge and experience to guide you through your next office move. Contact us today to learn more.