NCMSS Tips on Packing Book and Collectibles


NC Moving and Storage Solutions (NCMSS) offers packing and unpacking as an additional option when you are using their moving services. Items such as books are extremely heavy when packed into boxes, and therefore difficult to move or carry. Other items, like collectibles, can be both valuable and fragile. Consider the benefits of having your movers do your packing, as it can certainly be worth the saved time, effort, and peace of mind. Be sure to talk with your homeowners insurance company to see what they suggest, as well.

If you decide to be a DIY packer, take the time to do some sorting and possibly lighten the load by eliminating any books you might not want anymore as you go through your shelves. Be sure to have sturdy boxes to support the weight of the books. Use the same shape and size of books so the movers from NCMSS can easily stack the boxes and transport them on their moving cart. Label your boxes, e.g. “Library” or “Office,” so the movers will know where to place the boxes in your new location. If you have sorted the boxes, it might be helpful to add to the labels the genre you have packed within, as well.

If you are packing your collectibles, NCMSS cannot be held responsible for their safety, although they will handle the boxes as carefully as possible. Be sure to mark these boxes “FRAGILE” so they can be extra cautious. If you are packing paper collectibles, be sure to use acid-free packing paper to wrap the items, prior to placing them into the moving boxes.

Keep your collectibles in their original boxes, if possible, not only for protection in the move, but for their maintained value, also. Wrap each item in packing paper, then bubble wrap, paying extra care to cover corners. Place a layer of crushed packing paper in the bottom of your moving box, just the same as you would with anything breakable or fragile. Place the wrapped items into the box and pack closely together so there’s no wiggle room to cause damage or chips. Keep items upright whenever possible and pack heaviest items on the bottom of the boxes. If you decide to pack heavier collectibles, like coins, and they are of high value, keep your boxes at a maximum of about 40 lbs. so your stacked boxes don’t get damaged.

By following these tips, you will be sure to have a much easier time during the packing process. Remember, the expert packers at NCMSS are available to handle the packing for you. Call a moving specialist today to discuss our helpful packing solutions.