Advice From the Best Moving Companies on Avoiding DIY Moving Mistakes


You might think you are going to save money or time by DIY moving, however this is often not the case. Here are some common mistakes and strategies the best moving companies employ when handling household goods.

Have the right supplies on hand. The best moving companies arrive at your home with a multitude of sturdy boxes in a variety of sizes. These boxes are easily stackable because of their similar sizing and strength. Additionally, you will need packing paper, tape, and a permanent marker, with a plan for labeling each box for quick identification and room placement in your new home. A two-wheeled cart will be necessary for stacking boxes, moving heavier items and saving time by reducing the number of trips to the truck. Special moving blankets and straps are needed for wrapping and lifting items to move safely. Keep in mind the safety of your goods, as well as the safety of your fingers.

Pack items with care. Your belongings aren’t any good to you if they arrive broken. The best moving companies have systemized techniques for packing breakables. They know how to pack each plate and saucer individually and then carefully into the boxes. They know what to do with your most precious and valuable heirlooms, so they arrive intact. They keep your lampshades from being crushed and corners of furniture from being nicked or dented.

Ask only qualified people to help. Sometimes people ask their friends and neighbors to help and the move quickly becomes a disaster. The best moving companies organize their staff from the start to finish, using experienced packers, qualified lifters and those who understand how to organize the load as it goes into the truck. Your unqualified help might hurt your furniture or precious items, or even their own backs, by not understanding how to carry items correctly. A mover that is accustomed to this type of work is fast and efficient. There are specific safe approaches for moving heavy items and furniture with unusual shapes and sizes that your friends may not be familiar with.

Pack the truck correctly so items don’t shift dangerously if the truck has a sudden stop or quick turn. There are specific ways to pack a truck that must be understood before you even get started.

Consider the above tips carefully if you are planning a DIY move. If in the end you decide to leave your relocation up to professional movers, remember the team at NC Moving and Storage Solutions is available to help. Contact us today to speak to one of our Moving Specialists, who are able to customize a moving plan to suit your needs.