Local Movers Tips: Choosing a Roommate


It’s not always easy to find a compatible roommate, but if you make a list in advance of the type of individual you would want to live with, it will help you simplify your decision. Our local movers, at NC Moving & Storage Solutions (NCMSS), have some tips for you.

Consider Your Schedule
You might prefer someone on the same schedule as you, yet sometimes roommates prefer to work opposite schedules, so as not to see each other very often. It might be an advantage, as long as are each person is respectful during the other’s sleeping hours.

Mutual Living Space
It’s possible you’ll have to share some common areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Many NCMSS customers have told us that their shared space is most likely to be the topic of heated discussions. Think about this in advance. If you like things very clean, will you be able to handle a roommate who isn’t so tidy? Talk about this together so you know if you’ll be compatible in daily habits. Get your agreements arranged about chores like vacuuming, dishes, and who will take the garbage out.

Learn the types of activities you both enjoy. Are you both sports enthusiasts, or happy couch potatoes, who enjoy the television? If you both like to entertain family and friends, it might be a good mix. A mutual calendar will be a lifesaver and an agreed curfew for guests on weeknights or weekends could be helpful, too.

Work or Study Hours
Be sure to discuss work and study schedules in advance, to be sure that quiet hours are established before moving day. This may also determine what moving day schedule you request from your local movers. Many people work remotely, which is a wonderful benefit, but could become problematic if the roommate won’t honor your boundaries during work hours. If you do work remotely, be sure to establish a set space outside of common areas, where you can work in quiet.If you’re both students, the same considerations apply. Create a designated no-disruption area where you can spread out your study supplies and keep lights on late at night, if needed. You may have to make comprises with your roommate to study at a local library during evenings he/she is entertaining guests.

There are a lot of details to consider before making your choice, but you’ll be happier later if you invest the time now in selecting a roommate carefully. Keep in mind that NC Moving & Storage Solutions are your trusted local movers in Hayward, CA. We are here to help with any questions about how to plan your move successfully.