NC Moving and Storage Solution’s Guide to Moving with Seniors


nc moving NC Moving and Storage Solutions knows that moving an older adult can create unique challenges. Whether your parent is moving in with you or your aging friend is downsizing to a smaller home or assisted living, you need to have the appropriate plan for what is ahead. We have some guidance for moving with seniors to help streamline the process.

Begin Early
Be sure you have given yourself and the senior plenty of time, and even more if your parent or friend has mobility challenges. Get organized in advance of the move, by starting to make plans at least eight weeks prior to the moving date, and even longer if possible.  

Eliminate Unnecessary Items
One of the challenges the person moving will face is having to let go of some things. Some of their belongings might seem like unnecessary clutter to you, but in the eyes of the senior, these items might feel valuable for sentimental reasons. Try to show compassion and encourage this person to let go of things that aren’t needed. Perhaps you can preserve some selected items that hold the fondest memories. Exercising patience and explaining the benefits of donating to the needy will be especially helpful.

Keep Focused on One Room at a Time
Keep focused on just one room at a time when packing. This strategy is employed by our professional movers with great success. Whether you are going to pack everything yourself or have the movers do it all, focusing on one room at a time might prevent an older adult from becoming stressed and overwhelmed.

Hire the Best Moving Company
There are dozens of moving companies to choose from in any given city, but only the best provides seamless moves for seniors. That’s why it’s so important that you hire professional movers, like NC Moving and Storage Solutions, who have years of experience relating to your complex situation. It is crucial to have a team that works efficiently and carefully but will also show compassion for the matter at hand.

Remain Positive
If you are helping to move a parent or any senior, expect emotions to be elevated. Even if you are moving your mother or father into your home, leaving some independence behind may be a difficult adaptation. Remain positive about this new phase in their life to keep their spirits high. It may be helpful to remind them that they will be surrounded by caring family on a daily basis.

When looking for assistance in moving a senior adult, look no further than NC Moving and Storage Solutions. Contact a Relocation Specialist today for a free, no-obligation quote!