Top Mover Tips for Moving Fitness Equipment


If you are thinking about DIY moving, you need to know some things about moving your fitness equipment. Any reputable mover understands the special care needed in this situation. This is why you might actually consider having it professionally moved instead. For one thing, fitness equipment is typically very heavy and a challenge to move because of its odd shape and size. A professional mover will have the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to safely load and transport fitness equipment of any type. However, if your budget does not permit for professional assistance, the following suggestions for safety in handling your equipment can help.

  1. Unplug the treadmill, elliptical or any electrical fitness equipment. Wrap and tie the cords safely to the equipment so you won’t trip on the cords while walking with them.
  2. When lifting heavy items, be sure to bend your knees to spare your back. Lifting with the back instead of working through your legs is a common mistake, and likely to lead to injury.
  3. If you and your assistant are ready to lift, tilt the piece of equipment back to allow the other person to place their hands safely before lifting and walking.
  4. A dolly, or two-wheeler can be a back-saving help. Set the fitness piece onto the cart, and use moving ties or bungies, and wheel it up the ramp into the truck, with the helper there to assist you if it suddenly shifts or becomes unstable.
  5. Do you still have your owner’s manual for the equipment? Sometimes the manufacturer recommends disassembly before moving the equipment. Check the instructions if you still have them.
  6. When the equipment already has wheels on it, you don’t have to worry about fully lifting the piece. You may be able to simply tilt it to access the rollers and easily roll it up the ramp into the truck.
  7. Finally, after loading equipment into the truck, cover the equipment and stabilize it by using moving ties to secure it to the walls of the truck. If the equipment rolled around in the truck, it could be severely damaged and could easily destroy other items in the truck, as well.

After reading the suggestions above, remember that it’s going to take some muscle and man power to move this equipment. If you decide you would rather utilize the expertise of a professional mover for this task, contact NC Moving and Storage Solutions for assistance.