Summer Moving Tips from Bay Area Movers


Did you know that summer is the busiest time of year for people moving into new homes? If you decide to move in the summertime, there are a few extra things you need to consider. When the spring rains have passed, and summer comes along with lots of sunshine and heat, it also brings one more thing along with it; the busiest time of the year for most moving companies. Read on for summer moving tips from NC Moving and Storage Solutions, the leading bay area movers.

Book Ahead
Knowing that you are going to be moving during the summer and that this is the busiest time of year for nearly all moving companies, your first step should be to book your moving date as early as possible. This gives you the opportunity to pick the date you want to make the move, instead of having to work with the few dates the moving companies you contact have available. Most movers prefer you to book your move at least six to eight weeks ahead of the day you want to move.

Consider letting the Bay Area movers do the packing for you. Summer is short, and there are many things you and your family want or need to do. You certainly don’t want to spend your days trying to get everything packed. From community or block parties, to concerts and trips to the beach, outdoor sports, fireworks displays, and more; why miss out on all the pleasure simply because you are moving and need to pack your household up to move it. Professional packers can get the job done quickly and efficiently. By allowing the movers to pack, this also ensures your goods will arrive at your new home in the same shape as they left the old one.

Take It Slow and Easy
Rather than rushing to get everything packed up in one or two days, if you plan to do your own packing, try packing a few boxes a day. This will still give you time to get outside and have fun while the sun shines. Keep in mind, however, when you do your own packing, you are responsible for ensuring your valuables are properly packed to avoid damage. You may find that letting the movers pack your breakables, bulky items, and valuables in a partial-pack service is a better choice.

Keep it Cool
Summer days tend to be quite warm, so make sure you turn on the air conditioning. Whether you pack your own household goods or hire the movers to do so for you, everyone is sure to enjoy working in a cool house. Make sure you let your movers know about anything that is heat-sensitive so that they can take the appropriate measures. Finally, make sure there is plenty of ice water on tap keep everyone hydrated.

If you are planning to move this summer, contact NC Moving & Storage, your trusted Bay Area movers. We can help with moving advice, professional packing, as well as moving, and storage solutions. Call us today and let our experts help you.