Moves Made Manageable From a Leader Among Interstate Moving Companies



Moving out of state is typically more involved than relocating to a new home across town. Interstate moving companies will tell you that the longer the distance, the more planning and preparation should go into the move. You’ll want time for both you and your movers to plan carefully and get organized. With the tips provided, you can streamline the entire process, thereby eliminating a lot of stress that goes along with moving.


Devise a Plan

Whether you’re using a scheduling tool on your computer or a checklist that you can get from your moving company, it is essential to create a plan. That way, you have a guide to follow throughout each step that will keep you, your family, and your movers on track. Set goals for when to get your quote, select your mover, complete packing, and more, then attach deadlines to your goals, and make sure to keep your calendar up to date.


Take Inventory

Create an inventory of everything the movers will transport by walking room by room through your home. (Experienced interstate moving companies can provide a sample inventory to you, and you can check off what you own on their list.) Take photos of large or expensive items in case something gets damaged, such as furniture items, antiques, appliances, electronics, or musical instruments. Should you have to file a claim, this will be very useful.


Create a Budget

Because moving out of state can get expensive, it is essential to establish a budget. Not only will you know what you can spend, but it could also help you identify ways you can save on costs. Prioritize which services and features you need the most when budgeting for expenses.


Hire a Moving Company

You want to find a company with a history of providing excellent long-distance service at a competitive price. Be sure that the interstate moving companies you’re considering are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. In fact, you should choose a company with Better Business Bureau certification, up-to-date on registration, and a US Department of Transportation number. All that combined will give you the peace of mind you need when you’re moving out of state.


Get Organized

Just as you need to get ready for the movers at your current address, make sure you have everything in order at your new residence. For instance, get all the necessary utilities turned on, find a new doctor ahead of time, contact the new school system for your children, scout out a local grocery store, etc. If possible, visit your new home several days in advance of moving to ensure it is move-in ready.


Vehicle Transport

Interstate moving companies can also help you move your car or any other motor vehicle. If you plan to have a vehicle transported, get it serviced and cleaned, and take photos of its current condition. Also, it can take up to two weeks for your car to get delivered when you’re moving out of state, so be sure you have alternative arrangements to get around your new town until your vehicle arrives.


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