Cross Country Movers Offer This Advice for Moving on Short Notice


Moving at any time can be a bit of a challenge, but when you and your entire family have to move to a new home on short notice things can get really stressful. Securing the best cross country movers for the job can help make the move far less stressful and can make all the difference in the world for you and your family.


When Time is Short

When you have only a very short amount of time to get ready for the move, you need to do as much in advance as you can to avoid forgetting things or putting them off to the last minute. Get your change of address forms into the post office (you can do this online) and contact each of your utility companies to set up disconnect dates in your old house and connection dates in your new home.


Make It Easy on Yourself

When you have little time to make the move, the best way to make things easy on yourself is to let the moving company you have chosen, do the packing for you. By taking on the bulk of the physical labor, the packers give you time to take care of that long list of tasks on your to-do list. They know how to pack things safely, how to keep them organized by labeling the cartons for easy redistribution. You can also let them handle the unloading and unpacking at the other end, guaranteeing everything arrives in the same condition as they left your old home.


Take Care of Your Kids

Moving is hard, but when you have children, it gets that much harder. There are new schools to enroll your children in, daycare and babysitters to arrange for, and of course medical resources such as doctors, hospitals, and urgent care clinics. Be sure you factor in some family downtime into your move. Even though time is tight, your family needs this time just as much as you do to reduce stress.

If you have family pets, be sure you have decided how you are going to transport them, have things like water, food, bowls, etc. on hand. Also, make sure you know where the nearest veterinarian is from your new home.


If you are moving to a new job, be sure you do your best to be your best when you start. Let your cross country movers do as much as they can to relieve your stress and reduce the load, including doing that one last walk through of your old house to make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind. For more information, contact NC Moving & Storage Solutions at (510) 200-0370 and let us help you with making your move stress-free and successful.