Making Your New House Feel Like Home-From Moving and Storage San Francisco Experts at NCMSS


If you’re getting ready to move or have just relocated, it can be hard to feel like your new home is actually home. Your items are in new locations in your new home, you have a new neighborhood to learn, and you have to find a new dry cleaner, veterinarian, favorite restaurant, and more. Adjusting can be hard, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are some tips from the moving and storage San Francisco service teams at NCMSS on how to make your new place feel like home.


Think about the spaces you spend the most time in. If you like to cook, prioritize organizing your kitchen. If you work from home, making your home office the top of your list. Pick your number one room and start organizing, decorating, arranging furniture—whatever it takes to make that space truly feel like it’s yours.


As you arrange rooms, you might also need to think about pieces of furniture or wall hangings that had adequate space in your old home, but might not in your new home. Moving and storage San Francisco experts at NCMSS know that this is pretty common—especially with larger pieces, there might not be a perfect size wall or nook like there was in your old space. If you find yourself not finding good homes for furniture, art, electronics, exercise equipment, or other bulky items, consider a residential storage unit. NCMSS can help you find a unit of the right size.


As you unpack and arrange your new home, don’t forget to keep clearing out the empty boxes and packing materials. You might be able to recycle some of these items, especially cardboard or packing paper. Cleaning them out of a space helps each room feel more like it’s ready to be lived in.


Think through how you’d like to use your cabinet space. When your items in your kitchen are organized inside each cabinet according to how frequently you use them, you’ll be better able to prepare meals. Consider this same strategy in your bathroom, bedroom closet, and other storage spaces in the home. Keeping what you use most often close at hand makes each space more usable.


Finally, what makes a home feel most like home is the people in it! Create excuses for family time, like making a favorite dinner together. Or, organize a social evening with friends. Not only do these interactions help your spaces get more lived in, but they also help you feel like your house is truly your home.


Moving and storage San Francisco experts at NCMSS look forward to helping you with your next move, no matter how far you need to go. To learn more about our comprehensive packing, moving, and storage services, contact our friendly representatives today.