Tips for Helping your Senior Parent Move From the Movers in Bay Area


As we age, our needs, habits, and preferences change. Many seniors choose to downsize from a family home to a condo, apartment or assisted living unit in order to reduce the demands that a large home and yard can put on them. Financial reasons, medical reasons, or moving to be closer to family can all encourage seniors to choose to move in their golden years. As movers Bay Area families have used for decades, NCMSS has the expertise and the know-how to help families of all shapes, sizes, and ages successfully complete their next move.

Because packing and moving is a stressful (and often physically demanding) task, seniors may struggle more than other age groups with managing their move. It’s important that your aging parent remain engaged in the planning and packing process, but it’s even more important that they maintain their health and strength during the move. Using NCMSS, movers Bay Area families have trusted for years, can give your aging parent the resources they need in order to move safely and efficiently.

As experienced movers Bay Area residents have used for decades, NCMSS knows that it’s important to create a moving plan that takes into account your budget, your timeline, and the services you’ll need in order to achieve your move. An aging parent might benefit from packing services, to reduce the stress on their back, shoulders, and wrists as heavy, fragile, or large items can be safely packed for them.

It’s also crucial to allow plenty of time to execute your moving plan. Your aging parent will want time to sort through each room in their home, decluttering, organizing, and making sure that important records are kept safe during the move. You might also consider helping your parent host a yard sale or garage sale in order to get unused items out of the home while making some money that can help with the move. You should allow yourself at least 3-4 weeks to go through the process of decluttering, organizing, and hosting a yard sale—bear in mind you’ll also need time after the sale to donate any unsold items.

NCMSS has a reputation as movers Bay Area families know and trust because we are able to seamlessly execute your moving plan, and we prioritize the safety and comfort of you and your family throughout the move. To help a senior move, we know that extra time and additional services can help, and we’re ready and willing to help you and your aging loved one through this transition process.