How to Make Moving with Kids Less Stressful Tips from the NCMSS Moving Relocation Team


Planning to move your household can already feel challenging as you navigate the logistics of distance, timelines, vehicles, and possessions. Adding kids into that mix can increase the stress level right away! The moving relocation experts at NCMSS know that part of how to make your move easier is to make a plan for your kids before, during, and after your moving day.

Before your move, it’s important for your kids to understand what moving will mean. You might show them pictures of the new home or new community you’re moving to, and explain that every item in the house needs to find its place in a box so that your family can pack and move. Motivating kids to help clean, organize or pack can make the beginning stages of your move much easier.

Help them plan their new rooms! Some of the motivation for your kids might come from the chance to help plan the layout, organization, or even color scheme of their new room. (Pro tip: asking kids to declutter is easier if you have them think about items that will go with their new room scheme or theme, and items that they’ve outgrown or don’t want in their new room.)

During your move, you’ll want to have a plan for a safe space where your kids can relax and entertain themselves. Consider asking for assistance from a neighbor or family member if you’re concerned about your little ones being underfoot during the move. You’ll also want to have a plan for any family pets. Moving relocation teams are particularly cautious when they know that kids or pets are moving around in the home as the team does, so to keep things moving quickly, try to have a separate space where your kids and pets can hang out.

After your move, it will be important to make time for family connections and activities. Kids often feel anxious when their environment changes, so planning family meals, game nights, or home activity days can be a great solution to make every member of your family feel more at home in your new space.

The moving relocation teams at NCMSS know that moving isn’t easy, but this can be a great adventure for your whole family with a little planning and some strategizing. To make your move easier, NCMSS offers packing, moving, and storage services, and we’ll work with you to plan each step of your move. No matter how far you need to move, NCMSS is your partner in getting you where you need to go.

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