NCMSS Offers California Storage Solutions and Moving Tips of Moving into a Smaller Space


Moving into a smaller space can be challenging at best, along with these great tips, NCMSS offers a full range of California storage solutions for anything that doesn’t fit

If you are like most people, the thought of having to slim down your belongings to fit into a smaller home can be stressful. However, this situation is more common than you might think as more people are moving back into the city from the suburbs. This type of move requires a lot of careful planning and making use of the right California storage solutions for those items you can’t bear to part with. To help make this transition a little easier, the experts at NCMSS offer these tips.

Time to Declutter

Moving is the best time in to go through your home and get rid of everything no one uses, that hasn’t been used in months, or is broken. Have a yard sale, donate things to your local charity stores or shelters, and throw the junk away.

Lower Costs

When you pare down the excess in your old home, you won’t be paying to ship it, and you may find you won’t need to pay a monthly fee for a storage unit. When you save money on moving and California storage solutions, imagine what you can do with it. Maybe you could buy that new bed or maybe take the whole family out for a nice dinner.

Lower Utility Bills

By moving into a smaller home, you should see a noticeable drop in your monthly utility bills. You can start putting these savings into your Christmas or vacation fund, maybe even a downpayment on that new car you’ve had your eye on.

Lower Cleaning Efforts

Big houses mean lots of hard work keeping them clean; some people even go so far as to hire a professional housekeeping service. A small urban home or apartment will be much easier to keep clean, saving you even more money.

Make New Friends

If you are moving into an apartment or townhouse community, doing so gives you an excellent opportunity to make new friends in the exercise room, community room, or the swimming.

Be Creative

Just because you are moving into a smaller home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live in a cramped space. Use your imagination, create custom shelving, use furniture that has built-in storage. Maybe a hide-a-bed sofa for those nights when you have guests. It’s not hard to make a smaller house work for you; you must be creative.

When you simply have no more space but have items you can’t part with the experts at NCMSS have the right California storage solutions to meet your need. For more information contact NCMSS at (510) 200-0370 and let us help.