A Top Moving and Storage Solution When You’re Moving Into A Rental Space


NC Moving & Storage Solutions can help with your residential move no matter how far you need to go or how much you need to move. We provide comprehensive moving, packing, storage, and logistics help for both residential and business moves, and we’re dedicated to providing the solution that’s right for your individual needs. Whether you’re going across town or across the county, we have a moving and storage solution that’s right for you.

If you’re moving into a new rental unit, there are special considerations you should take to take care of yourself, your lease, and your unit. The moving and storage solution experts at NCMSS recommend:

  • Complete a walk-through with your landlord. Before you take possession of the unit, and before you move anything into it, walk through your new rental unit with your landlord. Take photos of each space, as well as features that might endure wear and tear, like carpeting, windows, doors, sinks, and appliances. This helps to ensure that your landlord and you agree on the condition of the unit at the time at which you take possession, so that you aren’t held responsible for any fixes that are needed from prior tenants.
  • Document everything. During your walk-through, take photographs. Keep a copy of all communications between you and your landlord. Have one single place, either a file folder for hard copies or a digital file folder if you can scan all your documents, where you store each piece of documentation about your move-in, your lease, and your unit.
  • Hire a professional mover. One common problem during DIY moves is nicks in flooring, walls, doorways, and pieces of furniture as you move large or heavy items into and out of your unit. While accidents happen, if you’re a renter these damages can be costly. Take good care of your possessions and your space by hiring professional movers, who can get the job done without accidents.
  • Understand your lease terms. Many first-time renters feel overwhelmed by the length of the lease contract they sign, and don’t take the time to actually read it. But it’s important that you understand all of the terms in your lease. Important terms to look for include fees for pets, garage space, or parking, fees for repairs or lock-outs, and emergency procedures.

For more tips about moving in to your new rental unit, call the moving and storage solution experts at NCMSS today.