Green Moving: Tips to Ensure an Eco-Friendly Move From Among Top Moving Companies in Hayward, CA


If you’re trying to take into account your carbon footprint throughout your move, here are a few excellent tips and ideas from among top moving companies in California

We’re all aware that our actions can really affect the planet. Sometimes, the bigger decisions in our lives seem to have a bigger impact, such as moving to a new place. With all of the planning, purchasing, giving away, and transporting that will be going on throughout this process, you can still make an effort to reduce any negative impact on the environment, and here’s how:

#1. Use Recycled Material

Boxes, tape, packing paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap… the list of long-distance packing materials could go on seemingly forever, and most of them are not very eco-friendly. If you’re not sure how to make green choices in this arena, you could talk to local moving companies and see if they have any ideas. There are often recycled boxes and alternatives to packing peanuts and bubble wrap which are bio-degradable or eco-friendly, it just might take some searching.

#2. Ask Your Moving Company

Besides asking for recommendations about green materials, you could also ask if they have any old, repurpose-able boxes at their disposal. Usually, the company will be trying to cut down on the purchases of new boxes within their own business and may have some boxes you could use or purchase cheap. That way, you’re not buying new boxes just to throw them away.

#3. Use Your Own Items

Instead of reaching for the bubble wrap and brown paper you’re accustomed to seeing moving companies use, try substituting some of your own belongings in their place. If you’re trying to protect a beautiful mug your great-grandmother gave you, don’t bubble-wrap it. Instead, wrap it in one of your sweaters or old newspapers and socks, and still be sure to place it in a box labeled “fragile”. This reduces the number of materials you need to buy or use.

#4. Recycle and Donate

Sometimes we forget just how much junk we accumulate while living in one place. A move is a perfect time to dejunk and it’s an even better time to recycle. If you have older things which you don’t think need recycled, but you don’t want to hang on to, try dropping them off at the nearest Goodwill or other thriftstore. You could also see if anything you won’t be needing could be sold or given away to someone you know instead of being trashed.

Many moving companies today are quick to communicate with, and it’s a good idea to let them know you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint. With your desire to have an eco-friendly move, you might just inspire the moving company to follow the same steps.

If you’re looking for among top eco-friendly moving companies nearby, try calling NCMSS. They can take care of your moving needs while taking care of the earth we all share.