Housewarming Gift Ideas From NCMSS Professional San Francisco Movers


Looking for a good housewarming gift idea? NCMSS Professional San Francisco Movers Have a Few Tips for You

Even with using professional San Francisco movers, people find it hard to move. If you have friends or family moving or if you know of someone moving in near you, a housewarming present is a good idea to make them feel welcome and take some stress off the move. Good housewarming gifts help make their new place feel like home or are things someone can use around the house. Here are some great ideas for housewarming presents.

Olive Oil

Strange as it may sound, gifting a bottle of olive oil is something of a tradition for new movers. Not only is olive oil useful for the kitchen and look great sitting on top of the stove, but they will also think of you every time they use it.


It may sound like a hokey cop-out but a good candle can freshen up a new living space and make someone feel more at home. Make sure to ask which kinds of scents they like.

Fresh baked goods

Very often, new movers have not had the time yet to set up and break in their new kitchen. That is why baked goods make a fantastic housewarming gift; they both give the person something to eat and show them you care enough to make something personal for them. Even if it’s not a home-baked tray of muffins, simply buying them some donuts from the local donut store is a friendly gesture to welcome someone to the neighborhood.


Nothing brightens up a new living space like some plants. Green leafy plants are a good addition and an excellent gift idea. Now, plants do take a bit of responsibility to care for, so its best to pick a plant that is low-maintenance, like a succulent or a snake plant. Make sure to check with them first if they have any plant allergies.


A new fuzzy blanket can help new movers feel at home, especially if they have not unpacked their bedding yet.

Tool Kit

Even though professional San Francisco movers should have most of the tools required to move, it is a good idea to gift a small tool set. Tool kits are extremely useful for people moving into their first apartment who may not have a hammer, screwdriver, or any other necessary tool.

These gift idea and a team of professional San Francisco movers will help your new neighbors’ move go as smoothly as possible, give us a call today to learn more.