Moving While Pregnant: Dos and Don’ts from NCMSS Residential Moving Company


Follow these tips from residential moving companies to make moving while pregnant as low-risk as possible

Moving is already hard enough. For pregnant and expecting mothers, the process can be even more of an ordeal. It is well known that pregnant women are at risk of overexertion and they may not be at their full physical capacity. Here are some tips from NCMSS residential moving company to make moving day while pregnant as easy as possible.

Talk to your doctor first

Before moving anything, make sure to meet with your doctor first and discuss whether you are in suitable condition to move. If you have any issues like an increased risk of preterm labor, it may be best for you to sit the moving process out. Make sure to connect with another care provider in the new location you move to.

Don’t life heavy things

It is recommended that pregnant women who lift for more than an hour a day should avoid lifting anything greater than 18 pounds at 20 weeks and to not lift anything greater than 13 pounds at more than 20 weeks. This is not a lot of weight so you will most likely need to enlist the help of other people.

Give yourself plenty of time

As long as you take plenty of time and don’t over exert yourself, you can get through the move unscathed. That is why it is important to give yourself plenty of time to gear up for the move. Take a break every hour and make sure to eat properly and drink plenty of water.

Watch out for stairs

Falling is one of the most common injuries sustained by pregnant women. Make sure to be very careful when taking things up and down stairs as that is the place you are most likely to lose your balance. Make sure to not overstretch and bend your body too much.

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