Moving During the Summer: Tips from Moving and Storage Companies in Hayward, CA


Make moving during the summer hassle-free by following this advice from moving and storage companies in Hayward, CA

Summertime is here which means that it is moving season. Approximately 80% of moves in the US occur between the months of April to September, with the large majority occurring in the height of the summer months June and July. Of course, moving under the hot Californian summer sun is a fool’s errand if you are not prepared. Read on for some tips from moving and storage companies in Hayward, CA for some tips on how to beat the summer heat while moving.

Schedule early

General, the times between 11 AM and 5 PM are the hottest times of the day. That is why it is a good idea to schedule your move as early as possible. Scheduling an early move lets you get the hardest parts of the move done at the coolest point of the day when visibility is still good. Scheduling early also means you will beat any rush hour traffic.

Schedule on a weekday

Most of the time, the weekends are the busiest moving times and moving and storage companies in Hayward typically charge higher prices during these peak hours. You can save some money on the move by hiring a moving team for a random weekday, such as a Monday or Tuesday. Scheduling on a weekday not only will save you money from the movers but there will likely be less traffic to deal with too.

Take frequent breaks

When moving under that hot California sun, make sure to schedule determinate times to take a break and relax. Moving is hard enough and under the hot sun, it can actually be dangerous. Before the move, make sure to plan specific break times where you and anyone else helping you move can recharge.

Eat and drink right

Along with taking breaks, make sure to give yourself enough time to eat and drink plenty of water. You will want to stock up and energy supplying foods and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Many a mover has underestimated the Californian sun, so don’t be among the foolish: make sure to eat and drink right the days before and of the move.

If you are planning a big summer move, give NCMSS a call at 510-200-0370. Our full-service team is among the best moving and storage companies in Hayward and will help draw up a unique moving plan tailored to your specific needs.