How to Protect Your Stuff In Storage Units or While Moving


Whether it’s in some storage units or the back of the moving trucks, follow these tips to protect your things

The last thing you want during a move is to figure out a bunch of your stuff got packed incorrectly and is now broken. Some items are more fragile than others and require great care when packing. Even if your stuff is just sitting in some storage units and not actively being moved, it can still get damaged. Here are some tips on how to protect commonly damaged items during a move.


Electronics tend to be both rather expensive and rather fragile, so they are at risk for being broke during a move. When it comes to electronics, your best bet is to wrap them securely in blankets, towels, or bubble wrap. You want to make sure your electronics are not rattling around or else it can mess up their delicate moving parts.


As it tends to be made mostly of glass, kitchenware is another common thing that gets damaged during moves. While you can get away with protecting your dishes and glasses by using copious amounts of newspaper and blankets, your best bet is to buy boxes with inner partitions that are made for transporting kitchenware. A box specifically made for kitchenware will keep your thing safe in a few storage units or in the back of a moving truck.

Furniture edges

The edges of your furniture tend to take a beating while moving as they will likely get bumped along the way. Table legs, coffee table corners, and sofa armrests are all prone to some damage. Try to disassemble any furniture so it takes up the least amount of space possible and try to soften up the corners with duct tape or foam.

Picture frames

Picture grames are typically made out of a fragile glass so they can break easily if jostled around too much. You should try to pack picture frames right side up, with a layer of padding between each one. Don’t lay them flat as they are not meant to support weight that way.

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