Color Coding Boxes for a Move: Tips from Sacramento Residential Movers


Organize your move with these tips from Sacramento residential movers NCMSS

One of the worst parts of moving is keeping things together and organized. If you are moving a 4-person family, you will likely have a lot of boxes and it won’t always be clear which boxes hold what.

Luckily Sacramento residential movers NCMSS are here to offer some tips on how to organize your moving boxes like a pro. From colored stickers to permanent markers, here are just a few ways to effectively organize your things.

What Do You Need?

First things first you need some materials. The most common things used to color code boxes are

  • Waterproof permanent markers
  • Colored sticker labels
  • Colored duct tape

Basically, you want any kind of label that is bright, easily visible, and easily distinguishable from other colors. Each label should have a description of the boxes contents (dishware, toiletries, electronics, etc.), arrows to show the right direction to store the box, “FRAGILE” if the contents are fragile, and an estimate of the box’s weight. Each box should also have where it should be placed in your new home.

How Should I Label Boxes?

Aside from labeling them correctly, you also need to make sure you place the label in the right spot so that it is the most visible. So if you are stacking the boxes on top of each other, place the label on top so you can see them as you take the stack down. If you are placing eh boxes side by side on the floor, consider labeling the front.

How Should I Color Code the Boxes?

When it comes to color coding boxes, there are two approaches you can take. Either you can code based on which room the contained items will go to, or you can code by the type of object in the box. So you can separate boxes by room or type. Make sure you keep a separate color-code key on you so you don’t forget which color means what.

Sacramento residential movers NCMS recommends coding boxes by room as that usually results in the least amount of moving boxes around.

If you are planning a move in or around the CA area, give Sacramento residential movers NCMSs a call at 510-200-0370. Our full-service team of professional movers will work with you at every step of the moving process from pre-planning to final unpacking.