Avoid Packing These items Before Moving: Mover Tips from NCMSS


Don’t damage or forget anything while being a mover! Avoid packing these key items

If you are planning a big move, odds are you are concerned with packing up absolutely everything you own into neat storage boxes. While the majority of your possessions should find their way into moving boxes, there are a few key items that you should avoid packing, whether it is because you don’t want to risk losing them, you will need them during the move, or they could be damaged.

So for the mover in us all, here are some of the items you should NOT pack up into boxes, and what you can do with them instead.

Jewelry and Other Valuables

The last thing you want is to lose a priceless piece of jewelry that was passed down from your mother. In general, it is a good idea to keep all jewelry and other valuables close by during a move instead of loading them into a moving truck. You could either misplace such things during the move or, heaven forbid, a less-than-honest mover may take an interest. While you can stash these things is some boxes, don’t load them up in the moving truck out of sight.


Some electronics like kitchen appliances and other large items like TVs can be placed in the back of a truck without any problems, but smaller more fragile electronic devices like computers, laptops, game consoles, stereos, etc., should not be loaded into a moving truck. Try to keep these in your car, or at least in the front cabin.


Obviously, explosions are a bad thing. Keep potentially flammable items like aerosol cans, propane tanks, paints, and gasoline out of a moving truck. Yes, this includes things like fireworks, incense, and tobacco too.

Perishables (food, plants, etc.)

Don’t worry about packing up any perishable goods you have. You can donate any perishable food items to a local food bank and keep things that will stay, like basic ingredients and canned foods. Also, some states do not allow the transport of plants across state lines (weird, right?) so you will probably be better off leaving any potted plants. Besides, you don’t want your green friend stuck in the dark in the back of a moving truck.

If you are planning a move in or around the Bay area, give NCMSS a call at 510-200-0370 to schedule a moving quote. Don’t try to play mover all by your lonesome; sometimes the best choice is to let a professional handle things.