Planning a Moving Sale: Tips from Local Moving Companies in Hayward, CA


Plan a profitable moving sale with these tips from local moving companies NCMSS

If you are planning a move then you may need to downsize. One effective way to get rid of unwanted things and make some extra cash is a garage sale. Selling old items can be a way to reimburse yourself for moving costs.

In that vein, here are some tips from local moving companies on how to host an effective moving sale.

Set the right date/time

Make sure you pick the optimal time to schedule your garage sale. Weekends are usually the best, Saturdays in particular. When it comes to the overall time of year, spring is generally the best since the weather is the nicest. Don’t host a sale during a major holiday or near another close by large events, such as a major sports game.

Make an inventory

Once you pick what things to sell, go through and make a physical inventory of everything, just like a real store or local moving companies. This will help you keep track of your sales and total money and will let you know if anything is stolen or goes missing.

Make an event online

In the past, you would take ad a page of the newspaper to advertise your garage sale. Now you can just make an online event and invite your friends. Facebook has an events page where you can set a date, add a description, and invite your friends.

Don’t get greedy with pricing

It’s a garage sale, not a high-end department store. You should expect to charge low prices for most things. Don’t expect to sell anything for full price. People go to garage sales expecting good deals so you can’t charge too much.

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