5 Things You Should Do One Week Before You Move: Advice From NCMSS Moving and Storage in Hayward, CA


NCMSS Moving and Storage in Hayward, CA – 5 Important things to do the Week Before you Move

Moving requires a lot of planning. Between finding a new place to live, figuring out employment, and actually packing, you might forget to do a few important things due to your busy schedule. Here are 5 important things you should make sure to do the week before you move, as recommended by NCMSS moving and storage in Hayward, CA.

1. Schedule utilities to be turned off/on

A week before you move, make sure to call your power/gas/internet companies to have them turn off service at your old house. Many people forget to do this and find themselves with a gas bill from their old place after they moved into their new place. By the same token, call the week before and set a date for your utilities in the new place to be turned on.

2. Change of Address

Make sure you head to the post office and forward all of your mail to the new address. The post office will forward your mail for up to a year. You can change your addresses on all your accounts as you get bills. Make sure to change the address for any subscriptions you may receive too.

3. Downsize

Most people have to get rid of some stuff when they move. Consider selling unwanted things in a garage sale or over the internet. You can put that money towards moving expenses. You could also hire a company for moving and storage in Hayward.

4. Pack an Essentials Box

Go through your home and pack a box of everything you will need your first night in your new home. This includes some clothes, toiletries, kitchenware, and maybe some food. Don’t overdo it though; you should be able to easily carry your essentials box with you in the car.

5. Change insurance

If you have renters insurance you will need to call the insurance company and notify them of the change of address. If you are moving out of state, you may be required to get new moving insurance.

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