International Packing: Tips From Bay Area International Movers


Bay area international movers NCMSS is here with some tips on how to pack for an international move

Moving domestically is tough enough, doubly so for moving to another country. Along with getting all your stuff together, you also have to prepare yourself for living in another country and another culture. Here are some tips from Bay Area international movers NCMSS on how to pack for an international move.

Figure out what you can/cannot bring

Many countries have restrictions on what items you can and cannot bring. For example, most countries will not allow you to take living creatures or food across their borders. Make sure you know what kinds of items you can bring and which are not allowed to cross the border.

Outlet Adaptors

One of the important things you should get first is a set of outlet adaptors. You will need an outlet adaptor to use your electronic devices until you buy ones designed for use in that country. Make sure you not only have the physical adaptor but a transformer that can modulate the voltage. Using electronics with the wrong voltage can damage them and is dangerous.

Figure out the climate

If you are moving to an area with dramatically different weather you will probably have to change your wardrobe. Bay area international movers NCMSS recommend that you make sure you know the general climate of the place you are moving to.

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