5 Ways Hotel Owners Can Benefit From Commercial Storage Units: From Storing Modular Furniture to Extra Space


From storing modular furniture to extra storage space, here are 5 ways hotel owners can benefit from commercial storage units

Many hotel owners can benefit from commercial storage. From seasonal storage to space for hotel vehicles, modular furniture, or business documents, commercial storage is a great way to save on costs and keep your business decluttered and organized. Here are 5 ways that hotel owners can benefit from renting commercial storage units.

1. General Storage

Most hotels have some need for storage, whether it is extra sheets, bedding, furniture, artwork, carpets, etc. If you don’t have enough on-site storage, one solution is to buy a bigger hotel with more space. However, this is expensive and usually unfeasible. Renting a commercial storage unit gives a cost-effective and convenient way to outsource storage demands.

2. Wine and Liquor

Most commercial storage units have climate control options. Since hotels usually spend a large amount on wine and liquor, a commercial storage unit is a great place to store bulk purchases of wine and liquor and keep them in good condition.

3. Event supplies

Many hotels host private dinners and parties in their reception rooms. A commercial storage unit is a great way to store things like modular furniture, banquet tables, chairs, decorations, and other things you only need access to for special events.

4. Records

If most of your business documents are physical, you’ll probably need some extra storage space to store sensitive documents like customer records, tax info, and other business or financial documents. Storage units offer climate-control options and 24/7 monitoring to keep your things safe and secure.

5. Hotel Vehicles

If your company owns and hotel vehicles like airport shuttles or other transportation services, a commercial storage unit is a great place to store vehicles when they are not in use.

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