Prepare Your New House For Winter: Tips From NCMSS, Moving and Storage in San Francisco


NCMSS, top moving and storage in San Francisco offers some advice on how to prepare your new house for the winter

Winter is here which means its cold. Unless you live in the South, you likely understand how brutal winters can be, especially if your house is not prepared. NCMSS, moving and storage in San Francisco is here to offer some advice on how to prepare your new home for the winter.

Reseal doors and windows

First things first, go through your house and apply a sealant to any draft doors or windows. Drafty windows and doors let heat out which can cost you a lot in heating costs. If the gap between then window/door and the exterior is larger than the width of a nickel, apply a sealant to close the gap.

Clean your drainage and gutters

Go around the exterior of your house and clear out the drains and exterior pipes. Standing water in these fixtures can freeze and cause the pipes or gutters to burst. Also, gutters full of debris can contribute to the formation of ice dams, which can melt and cause water damage to your walls, foundation, and roof.

Inspect the roof

Speaking of roofs, make sure you check that all your roof tiles are secure and fully covering the roof. Bad tiles can leak heat and also cause leaks. If you need to fix any tiles, be extremely careful out on your roof, especially if it’s cold and there is ice around.

Tune-up your heater

Most people see their heating bills rise during the winter. One reason your heating bills are so high might be that your heater is not working efficiently. Consider calling a professional mechanic to come take a look at your heating system and tune it up. That way you can be sure it’s running as efficiently as possible.

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