Packing Holiday Decorations: Tips from a Moving and Storage Company – NCMSS


Here are tips from a moving and storage company on how to pack up those delicate holiday decorations

The holidays are drawing to a close which means it might be time to pack up all your decorations. Unlike normal house items, holiday decorations can be very fragile, so they need to be packed in a particular manner to keep them safe from damage. Here are some ideas from a moving and storage company NCMSS on how to pack your holiday decorations.

Untangle and wrap Christmas lights

One of the worst parts of packing up decorations is untangling all those Christmas lights. You need to make sure that your lights are rolled and packed in an orderly fashion, not just haphazardly thrown into a box. That way you can easily unravel them when the next holiday season comes.

Get sturdy boxes

For holiday ornaments, a regular cardboard box just won’t cut it. You want something sturdy that can handle being moved around. A great idea here is you go by a local liquor store and see if they have any leftover boxes. These boxes are very sturdy and usually have inner dividers for transporting glass bottles. Alternatively, there are plastic containers meant specifically for packing up ornaments. We’ve found that a used egg carton works great as a storage container for smaller ornaments as well. You might be able to find used boxes from a moving and storage company too.


Wrap your tree

If you have a real holiday tree, then it’s probably best to get rid of it at the end of the holiday season. If you have an artificial tree, make sure you carefully wrap it up in a storage bag. These bags will protect it from dust and moisture and also keep the tree needles from getting everywhere.

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