How to Pack your Car as Efficiently as Possible – Advice from Hayward Moving and Storage Experts


Whether you’re in the midst of planning a short or long-haul move, one of the things you may be thinking about is getting your car to your new home. While there are certainly a lot of logistics to consider and challenges to overcome in terms of driving yourself down to your new location, it’s certainly possible – with invaluable advice from our Hayward moving and storage experts! At NC Moving & Storage Solutions, we’re here to simplify your upcoming relocation so you can get home faster. So, check out the following pointers for a seamless, smooth move!

Get a Co-Pilot for Assistance

Firstly, figure out if you’ll be driving down on your own or not. Ideally, you’d have a co-pilot to help you figure out how to navigate areas you’re likely not familiar with, even though you’re probably using a GPS. Nonetheless, it’s always better to have someone that can always take over driving if need be. Also, if you’re transporting pets or valuables, an extra person around can keep an eye on your car when you need to step away.

Assess Car Space

Next up is assessing how much car space you have to work with. Make a list of the items you’d like to transport yourself. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may not be able to bring everything over with you. Pets, of course, are better off staying close, but other things like personal and legal documents or pieces with sentimental value may also be a consideration. Before getting into a panic because you simply don’t have the room in the car for everything, speak to your Hayward moving and storage pros to see what they can ship for you securely.

Don’t Overpack!

While you may be tempted to wrestle everything into the car and create a mountain of stuff in the back seat, that’s really not a great idea. If you can’t see out your rearview mirror, back and side windows, then that’s certainly a safety hazard. Most likely there are several items you can ship over with your movers.

Hire Professionals for a Smooth Move

For a truly smooth, stress-free move, hire professional movers. They’re the experts in the industry, with experience and knowledge when it comes to packing and transporting your belongings safely. Make your move even simpler by opting for an all-inclusive, end-to-end package.

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