Moving Solution San Francisco: What to Do While Movers are Busy


When you need a quality moving solution in San Francisco to get you to your new home, call NC Moving and Storage Solutions for exceptional, friendly support. After your free quote, transfer date is scheduled, and packing is complete, you may think there’s nothing left to do – and for the most part, there isn’t. However, once the big day arrives, there are a few things you can do while movers are busy to speed up and simplify the entire relocation process.

Stay on Site

The first moving solution San Francisco tip we suggest is to remain on-site. While professional movers will know exactly what to do in terms of last-minute packing, transferring boxes, and loading the truck, they do not know the ins and outs of your old home. As such, stick around to help provide assistance and information regarding elevators, walkways, stairwells, parking, and other such things.

Streamline the Process

If you haven’t already made arrangements for someone to look after your children or pets, then you may want to tackle this immediately. Since movers typically charge by the hour, it’s best to streamline the whole transfer process by clearing their paths for optimum efficiency. But also, doing so protects your loved ones and keeps them out of harm’s way.

Offer Refreshments

Certainly, you’re not obliged to provide a full spread for your movers, complete with chocolate dipped strawberries. Nonetheless, offering water and snacks is a very thoughtful gesture that keeps your team healthy and safe while doing their best to relocate your household.

Separate Items for Personal Transport

Lastly, if there are items you wish to transport yourself, then separate those things from the items that need to be loaded by the movers. Mark these containers clearly, using labels and a sharpie. You can also tape a sign above the belongings you’ll be taking with you, something that lets everyone know not to touch your stuff! Pack these into your vehicle as soon as you can to avoid getting them mixed up with everything else.

NC Moving and Storage Solutions

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