Movers in California: How to Prepare your Refrigerator for your Move


Movers in California: How to Prepare your Refrigerator for your Move

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As one of the most trusted movers in California, NCMSS understands there’s a whole lot of things to remember when planning for a move. To ease your stress, our professionals offer a wide range of cost-effective services and customizable packages. Whether it’s packing, shipping or on-site set-up, our movers in California can simplify every aspect of your big day.

One of the things many people often forget is the preparation of certain appliances. Today, we’re going to go over the steps that are necessary to prepare your refrigerator for relocating.

Defrost your Fridge to Remove Moisture

There are many pieces in your refrigerator that can produce moisture. For example, if your model builds up ice in the freezer section, that can create a lot of water buildup once it melts. Waterspouts and ice makers are a few other things that can generate moisture, though not all models have these parts. Before your moving day, unplug your fridge to defrost any ice buildup. Once everything melts, thoroughly clean the appliance so nothing leaks during transport.

Clean Out Food Debris

Of course, since it stores food, your appliance will likely have food debris inside it. It’s never a good idea to transport your fridge full of food. Not only can things possibly fall out, but the food can certainly rot during the trip. That would create an unpleasant experience once you open it again! Instead, before the move, clean it out completely, which will also prevent mold from growing.

Ask Professional Movers for Specialized Assistance

Aside from being an exceptionally heavy piece, your refrigerator also requires careful handling so as not to damage its electrical components. As such, hiring professional movers in California is particularly key, since of course you don’t ant to end up inadvertently damaging this expensive appliance. The experts have the proper equipment for transporting large, heavy items, such as dollies, straps, and lifts. They’ll make sure to move it securely, so it arrives undamaged.

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