Long Distance Movers: Should I Buy a Home with a Swimming Pool? What You Should Know First


Are you thinking about buying a house with a pool? While it may seem like a heavenly idea, especially in hot summer months, there are several factors you’ll need to consider first. Fortunately, to make your decision easier, our long distance movers at NCMSS have compiled the following points you’ll want to read before making your final decision.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

From keeping surfaces clean to purchasing proper chemicals, pools require a significant amount of regular maintenance and cleaning, along with many other aspects of upkeep. If PH levels aren’t carefully controlled, there could be algae growth in the system, which could lead to some serious health issues for your family. Of course, there are services you can hire to take care of pool maintenance.

Higher Utility Bills

Pools also include higher electrical and water bills. The pump, filtration system, and suction cleaner for your pool operates with electricity, as does the heater. Filling up the pool costs different amounts in different regions, though typically it can run you anything from $60 to $120 each time for a standard size.

Necessary Pool Precautions

It is absolutely vital to ensure the necessary pool precautions are in place to keep your family members safe. In homes with children, this should be an absolute priority. There are many protective measures you can install, such as teaching young ones to swim early, placing locks on doors that lead to the pool, and adding a safety fence around its perimeter.

Extra Space for Equipment

Aside from the space that’s dedicated to the pool itself, you’ll also need extra storage for pool equipment. If your backyard is relatively small, this may lead you to think twice about how much limited greenspace you’ll have in the end. Towels, floats, cleaning supplies, skimmers, pool vacuums, and other such accessories can easily take up all your outdoor room, so think ahead and assess if this is really what you want.

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