How to Find the Best Local Moving Companies: 5 Important Questions For Your Movers


NCMSS among top local moving companies in Hayward, CA

Whether you’re planning a local, interstate or cross-country move, the truth is you’ll likely need to make a lot of decisions. Often, these choices must be made on short notice. From selecting a relocation date to buying moving supplies to finding short-term storage, the number of things that must be done can simply be downright overwhelming. But perhaps the hardest decision is choosing the right moving company. To help you along on finding short, long-haul or local moving companies, here are five questions to ask before you hire.

  1. Is your company licensed?

First and foremost, find out if the movers you’re interviewing are indeed licensed. Local moving companies who stick to transferring clients within the same state should hold a state license. On the other hand, it is the United States Department of Transportation that issues licenses to professional interstate moving companies.

  1. Do you have experience with my type of move?

Essentially, you want to enlist the services of a company that provides the specific type of relocation you need. For instance, if you’re going to be transferring within the same city, then you’ll definitely need to find local moving companies. Basically, you’re looking for a team that is well-prepared, capable of handling come what may, be it small doorways, no elevator, steep stairs or anything else.

  1. What kind of liability coverage do you offer?

In case of breakage or a mishap during the move, you’ll want to know what kind of insurance coverage comes with your plan. No matter what type of relocation you’re planning, your movers should offer various forms of liability coverage to choose from. Additionally, this is a good time to ask to see their proof of insurance.

  1. Do you have references?

Always ask for references before enlisting the services of a moving company – you want proof they’re recognized experts! With this request, they should easily supply you with several examples of their expertise. Ask friends and family members for referrals and double-check the company’s ratings and reviews online.

  1. Can you provide a not-to-exceed estimate or a binding quote?

Depending on the company, estimates offered may be non-binding. This means your quoted package price may change, increasing or decreasing, depending on the situation. Typically, though, most people want the security of having a hard-set price for the whole relocation – also known as a not-to-exceed estimate or binding quote.

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