Hayward Moving Storage: Moving into Your First Apartment Checklist


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Before moving into a bare-bones apartment, use our helpful NCMSS move-in checklist to ensure you have every single thing you need to turn your new place into home-sweet-home.

Bed and bedding

If you’re not moving in with a bedroom set, then take the time before the big day to purchase must-have items like bedding, pillows, and a mattress. Once moving day is over and it’s time to rest, you’ll be so glad you have them!


Whether it’s for chilling and relaxing as you watch Netflix, reading a good book or entertaining friends, a couch is certainly an essential piece.

Kitchen set

While every apartment is a different size, they can all accommodate a kitchen set – even a small one! Definitely, you’ll need a comfortable place to eat your meals, which will certainly make them more enjoyable. Additionally, a set will also provide seating for your guests while they’re over.


In the first few days after moving, plastic plates and utensils will seem like a godsend. But eventually, you’ll need a sturdier set of dishes and silverware, along with glasses, mugs, cooking utensils, and cookware.

Closet organizers, clothes hangers

In smaller spaces like apartments, the key to maximizing storage and usage is organization. To help keep everything perfectly arranged, purchase some closet organizers, storage containers, and clothes hangers.

Hardware to hang pictures

Make your lovely new home even cozier by placing pictures, paintings, and décor on walls. Even though you have these things already, don’t forget to pick up the hardware to hang it all up!

Curtains or blinds

In some units, the windows may already have curtains or blinds. If not, try to install window treatments on your first day there to get some shade and avoid people seeing into your apartment.


Nowadays, microwaves are simply a must. Most models are fairly affordable, but you can easily pick one up second-hand through an online marketplace.

TV, streaming service, DVD player, cable box

While not truly essential, home entertainment devices can make life more entertaining. If you’d like to keep things relatively low-budget, then opt for a streaming device or DVD player that doesn’t require a monthly financial commitment.

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