Interstate Movers: Creative Ideas for Leftover Moving Boxes


In a world that increasingly values sustainability, finding new ways of using old materials is becoming more and more popular. Moving boxes, for instance, have a ton of wonderful uses, many of which you may have never even thought of! Breathe new life into your countless moving boxes after your big day with the following tips from our interstate movers at NCMSS.

  1. Gift Tags

Heavy-duty cardboard makes for some truly hard-wearing – and free – labels. Dress them up a bit by decorating them for some cute gift tags. Or use them as-is to mark your stuff by creating labels for containers around the house.

  1. Quick Weed Treatment

Compostable, all-natural cardboard makes for a quick solution to get rid of weeds in the garden. Lay down flattened pieces of cardboard in areas that are prone to weeds. Keep them in place by watering them to get them wet, then pile mulch or soil on top to hide the cardboard.

  1. Party Decor

Skip the store and make party décor yourself with paper towel rolls or sections of cardboard boxes. Cut out large flowers and paint them lovely colors, pinning them to the walls to brighten a room. Or paint paper towel rolls, then cut, bend, and glue shapes to make smaller flowers, which you can string together to create a garland.

  1. Postcards

After waving goodbye to your interstate movers, create postcards with empty cardboard boxes you no longer need. Now, that’s sure to be an original way of contacting your loved ones! Don’t forget to add a stamp after decorating them and writing your message!

  1. Cat Scratch Post

Who would have thought a simple cardboard box could save your furniture? Well, it can, just by transforming it into a quick, basic cat scratching post. Paint it with edible colors for some extra pizzazz or leave it blank for a cool, modern look.

  1. Cardboard Coaster

Cut out some funky drink coasters with just three things: scissors, decorative duct tape, and cardboard. You’ll never have to suffer from discolored rings on your wood tables again!

  1. Furniture Sliders

Keep some blank cardboard coasters to use as furniture sliders and protect your floors from scratches and damage. Definitely, that’s a huge benefit you’ll gain from using such a humble little piece of cardboard!

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