How to Stay Healthy on the Road During a Move from Our Long Distance Movers


How to Stay Healthy on the Road During a Long Distance Move from Our Long Distance Movers

While the long distance movers you’ve hired are taking care of your household goods, you are on your own for the long drive to your new home. If there is anything our teams can tell, it’s the importance of staying healthy along the way. Here are a few of their favorite tips to help make your drive a little less stressful and hard on your mind and body.

Water is the Best Option

While it might be tempting to pack a lot of soda, energy drinks, and your favorite Starbucks frappuccinos, none of these are good for your body. All that caffeine might help “keep you awake,” but it is a diuretic. Too much caffeine means frequent restroom stops and dehydration. Choose bottled water, you can chill it in the hotel room or buy cold fresh water before setting out, but no matter how you get it, be sure you carry and drink plenty of it.

Frequent Stops

While you might not need to stop for the restroom frequently, your body still needs to stretch. Make several stops during the day to get out of the car and stretch your muscles. Long periods of driving can lead to sore leg, shoulder, and neck muscles, frequent pit stops can help alleviate the strain and cramps.


No matter what time of year you plan to move, parts of your body (arms, neck, face, legs if you’re wearing shorts, are going to be exposed to the sun for long hours each day. Be sure you bring plenty of sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 and use it! You might be surprised at how fast your skin can become sunburned.

Speaking of the sun, don’t forget to protect your eyes from the glare and UV rays. While it might be tempting to buy cheap sunglasses, spending a little extra money can make a big difference in the amount of eye strain you get from hours on the road.

Skip the Junk

Everyone takes snacks on a road trip, be sure you pack a cooler filled with healthy snacks such as fruit, low-fat/low sugar yogurt, cut veggies, and hummus or low fat ranch dressing, string cheese, healthy trail mix, preservative-free jerky, and seaweed snacks. Be sure you keep several water bottles in there too. If the hotel fridge has a freezer, use it to freeze a few bottles of water overnight. Not only will they help keep everything in the cooler cold, but as they melt, they become a supply of refreshing ice water.

Stay away from fast-food restaurants; the food they serve is among the least healthy options to choose from. Stick to restaurants that serve “real food” and go for the lighter fare and plenty of green veggies and salads. Just because you aren’t at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still eat as healthy as possible, go for grilled rather than fried, veggies instead of potatoes, and be sure to ask for extra sauce if it goes with the meal.

Learn More

If you are getting ready to make an interstate move and have questions about the move, hiring a professional team of long distance movers, or simply want more tips to help you stay healthy during your move, contact NCMSS at (510) 200-0370 and talk to our agents. They can answer your questions and schedule your free moving quote.