Household Storage: How to Help Your Pets Adjust to a New Home


While moving to a new home can be stressful for everyone, it can be exceptionally overwhelming for our pets. For the most part, you can explain to young children what’s going on in such an instance. However, you can talk as much as you want to your pets, and even go so far as to show them pictures of the expansive household storage you’ll be gaining at your new place, but unfortunately, they’ll still have no clue what you’re trying to explain to them! Luckily, at NCMSS, our professionals have come up with the following helpful tips to introduce your pets to their new space.

  1. Reassure them with familiar items

A fresh, new start may prompt you to want to purge your home completely of old doggie beds and kitty toys. However, it’s always a good idea to keep these favorite items as they are familiar to your pets and will therefore calm them and bring them comfort. Surrounded by soothing scents, their usual bed, food dish, and toys, your pet will certainly be able to adjust faster to their new space.

  1. Explore alongside them

Typically, it’s advised to supervise your pets while they explore their new environment. For instance, you can leash up your dog and walk around the house, so they have a chance to get acquainted with the rooms. With cats, since they often hide in unfamiliar surroundings, introduce them to each room one by one slowly, not moving to another area until they seem comfortable with their space. At times, however, they may hide in household storage and you’ll need to coax them out to show them the area.

  1. Be patient and calm with them

Animals are very intuitive and can pick up on emotions seamlessly. As such, it’s essential to keep your cool around them so they don’t sense that something is wrong. That means, even if you’re stressed, try your best to be patient and calm with them as they adjust to their environment. Avoid yelling or high-pitched speaking and opt instead for soothing, tranquil tones.

  1. Establish security with affection and attention

With so many things to do to plan, prepare, and oversee your move, you may be a little too distracted to pay attention to your pet. Nonetheless, they need your affection and attentiveness to soothe their worries. So, don’t forget to speak to them frequently in a calming manner, giving them a few minutes of attention here and there to let them know you still care.

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