Bay Area Movers Share Tips on Preparing Your Children for a Move


Preparing for a move but don’t know how to break the big news to your kids? Babies and toddlers are still too small to completely understand the changes associated with switching zip codes, but if your child is a preschooler or a teen, you might want to work on a strategy on how to help them go through such as major transition as seamlessly as possible. Here’s what experienced Bay Area movers suggest:

Schedule a family meeting

Don’t wait for the last moment to tell your child the family is about to be uprooted. Have a meeting where you, your spouse, or other adult family members will share the news and patiently and openly talk to your kids about the upcoming event. Make sure to hear out their thoughts and concerns, making an effort to address these topics adequately. While school-kids may greet the news with keen anticipation, teens and adolescents often rebel against it, so make sure to prepare your arguments well to get them on board with the idea.

Keep your children involved in the move as much as possible

Whether you’re doing everything by yourself or you’ve secured assistance from professional Bay Area movers, you need to keep your kids involved in the move. Go together through their belongings and help them pack. If they have toys and clothes they’ve outgrown, ask them if you can sell these items online or donate them.

Find a way to familiarize your children with the new home

If you’re moving to a different neighborhood in your home town, it might be a good idea to take your kids to the new location before moving and allow them to have a feel of the place. Nonetheless, if your new home is in a different city or state, ask the realtor to send you pictures or a short video of all the rooms in the house, especially their new room – it can make all the difference once your children are familiar with the new home. Even better, you can allow them to have a saying in how to decorate some of the rooms.

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