NC Moving and Storage Solutions: Full Service Moving Company Shares Tips on How to Pack Pictures and Mirrors


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Are you moving into a new home soon but you have opted to save some money and go for a DIY move instead of hiring a reliable full service moving company? To prepare everything for the big day as best as you can, you need to be proactive and resourceful and learn a few tricks and hacks along the way to ensure everything goes as smoothly as planned.

Here are some full service moving company tips on how to properly secure your frames, paintings, and mirrors to make them survive the move intact.

First of all, you need to lay any flat glass object against a soft surface. You can use a duvet or a blanket and spread it across the table or countertop. You can also do this on a bed. Get a masking tape and make an X across the glass. This will prevent the glass from shattering completely if it gets damaged during the move. After this, you can proceed to secure your pictures and mirrors with cardboard and wrapping paper or make the whole process much easier and use bubble wrap.

Bubble wraps are a godsend when packing anything that can break. Cut out a piece of the wrap that is large enough to wrap around the frame at least one time, though it is much better to wrap it around the frame two or three times, depending on the thickness of both the wrap and the object, just to be on the safe side. Proceed by securing the ends of the wrap with duct tape, PVC tape, or any other type of adhesive tape.

Whether you have scheduled a full service moving company or opted for a DIY move to cut costs, make sure the word “fragile” is written in big letters on all bubble wrapped and boxed items that can easily break. You might also want to label the room in which the particular item should be placed, so you do not have to carry each and every thing by yourself.

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