NC Moving & Storage Solutions: How Moving Company Bay Area Protects and Prepares Your Home for a Move


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You need to prepare your home for the big move? With more than 75 years in the transportation & relocation business, NCMSS is a trustworthy partner you can rely on for all your moving needs. Sure enough, moving does require a lot of preparation and it is understandable if you want to plan even the smallest step in advance. In case you have been wondering about our procedures and practices when it comes to properly securing your home for a move, here is how we do it:


First and foremost, most professional companies such as Moving Company Bay Area will make an inventory of all your belongings and identify the valuables – we take photos, sort, and organize everything. Depending on how much square feet you have in your new home, it is up to you to decide if we have to move every single item or you have to downsize a little bit and leave some things behind. We can then either arrange the removal, recycling, or donation of these unwanted objects. Once we have done an inventory checklist, we can proceed to pack and safely relocate all of your stuff to your new address.


To prevent property damage, experts from Moving Company Bay Area will take the time to protect the floors in the home. As houses usually have different types of flooring throughout, we will protect each section of the space accordingly. For hard floors such as hardwood, tile, and linoleum, we will use rug-runners. On the other hand, the industry standard for protecting carpeted areas is placing Masonite boards or laying a carpet mask. However, the latter is typically used for protecting carpeted stairs.


Just like with flooring, we use similar techniques when securing your staircase, with the exception of ensuring that every portion of the rug-runner or carpet mask is neatly tucked to prevent any hazardous situations. We also pay special attention to adequately protecting any banisters, railings, and fixtures placed on stairs. The same goes for protecting certain walls and hallway areas when there is a risk that cumbersome furniture may do some damage or get damaged itself.

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