Best Movers Share Tips on Moving During the Holidays


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Moving is a stressful experience no matter the time of year. However, things can become pretty hectic if you schedule your move during the holidays. While moving is certainly not what you expect from the holiday season, choosing to relocate the family in this period does come with some perks. For example, it is easy to get time off work for the holidays. If you are moving with kids, it is likely they will be on a holiday break too.

To make your move a success and keep stress levels to a minimum, you need to organize and plan every step of your holiday relocation. To help with this, the following tips were put together by the very best movers serving your area:

Book Movers as Soon as You Set a Moving Date

If you are depending on a moving company to handle your relocation, schedule services as soon as possible. Even if you are going DIY, chances are you will be needing someone to deliver your furniture and other heavy or cumbersome objects. Some moving companies may choose to take collective time off for certain holidays while others continue to operate in a limited capacity as many employees use the opportunity to take a break. Whatever the case, the best movers in the industry may be unavailable to work holidays on short notice so book your experts well in advance.

Pack Early

To allow better planning and time management, opt to slowly start packing weeks before your relocation. There are many things you will not need right off the bat so make sure you pack these items first. For instance, you can set aside and pack all your spring and summer clothes, and other items you do not use during the fall/winter season.

Do Not Forget About Holiday Traditions

While you will be spending the next few weeks preoccupied with arranging everything – from changing your address and packing to moving and staging the new residence – do take time to have a little fun over the holidays. Remember to pack an open-first box with decorations to lighten up the place as soon as you arrive.

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